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Dual Enrollment

Excelsior Charter Schools offer its high school students two avenues to complete college courses while in high school, first the College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) and second Non-CCAP General Dual Enrollment. Please see below for an overview of the options.


Assembly Bill No. 288 – Established the College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) partnerships between VVC and local high school districts. Excelsior Charter is entered into an agreement which allows special-admit students to receive college credit for transfer or Career Education. CCAP is an innovative way for high school students to get a head start on their college education by taking college classes during the regular school day. The college courses are offered in a cohort model taught by VVC faculty wherein students can earn credit that may be applied toward earning an AA/AS degree at VVC or be transferred to a university. Students who successfully complete a CCAP course are awarded both college credit and high school credit. CCAP courses are offered on Excelsior Campuses and are restricted to high school students. This program is free to each participating student meaning students will not pay for college textbooks or VVC tuition. Please contact your facilitator for more information.

CCAP students are limited to 15 units or 4 courses for the Fall or Spring semester.


A student will be admitted to VVC as a Dual Enrollment Non-CCAP student if it has been determined by their facilitator and certified by their school Principal or designee that the student is prepared for college level coursework. Students will be required to pay the Student Center Fee, Transportation Fee, books and supplies. Upon successful completion both college credit and high school credit may be awarded. Please contact your facilitator for more information.

Non-CCAP students are limited to 11.5 units for Fall or Spring semesters and 8 units for Summer/Winter semesters.

Links for Extra Assistance

  • Click here to sign in to MyVVC
  • Click here to see how to Register for classes
  • Click here for VVC Canvas Training
  • Click here to access your VVC Email
  • Click here For VVC Tutoring and Academic Support

Three Easy Steps to Dual Enrollment

  • First Step: Click here for CCCapply (VVC application). Click here to watch a How-To Video. Additionally, navigate to the VVC Counseling YouTube channel here.
  • Second Step: Click here to download Excelsior’s CLEARANCE form- Complete and send to your facilitator.
  • Third step: Complete VVC Dual Enrollment form, CCAP State form, and Excelsior Addendum Form that will be emailed to your excelsior email once Clearance form is submitted by facilitator.
    • Next steps vary by student interests and educational plans.